Office Furniture & Corporate Relocations

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Conference Room LP

Check out our custom conference room table solutions. We will work with you to create conference spaces that match your unique office décor. Our design expertise will allow you to create a space that harmonizes with your interior space flow and corporate atmosphere.


Promoting collaboration and creating an open floor plan.


Bull Pen

Functional layouts that enhance strategic brainstorming and collaboration for the modern workplace.

Cafeteria & Lounge

Relaxing breakrooms for a healthy work environment.

Collaboration Room

Modern and relaxed atmosphere for project collaboration and meeting of the minds.

Conference Room

Styles to fit all decors and budgets. Modern, traditional, contemporary and custom built.


Cubicles & Workstations

LPS specializes in space planning. Cubicles and work stations designed and built to order to fit your space and budget.


Modern, traditional, contemporary styles. Custom build also available to fit challenging spaces at affordable prices with beautiful finishes.

Storage Solutions - File Cabinets - Bookcases

Offered in wood laminates or metal, stylish and functional.

Glass Office

NYC corporate style, creating a sound proof environment with transparent visibility.

Home Office

Beautifully crafted options to fit any room size and style. LPS carries modern, traditional and contemporary desks and suites to make your home office just right for you.

Modular Office

Built to size and desired options. Space planning that will transform your office.

Private Office

Contained office, customizable to fit your needs. Available with various styles to facilitate privacy or visibility.

Reception Area

Creating lasting first impressions for your business while offering style and comfort.


Ergonomic task chairs, bar/cafe height seating and stools, folding and stacking, reception and couches.


Promotes healthy alternatives for the modern day workplace. Incorporated into workstations, straight desks, or L shaped desks.



Modern, traditional and contemporary. Folding or stationary - with or without electrical power modules.

Training Room

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