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Why Choose LPS Office Interiors To Help With Your Office Design & Construction?

There are critical elements that drive the productivity of your employees in your office. Your workplace design and construction may currently be counterproductive with regards to a user friendly environment that is intuitive, comfortable, pleasant and space efficient.  This in essence could be working against the achievement of your business goals and causing unnecessary workplace stress.

LPS Office Interiors will visit your location at no cost to you. We will listen and learn from you what your expectations and goals are for your office design and construction. We will work with you to establish a reasonable budget to fulfil your expectations. Our teams are experienced and most knowledgeable in creative solutions to even the most challenging spaces.

Using an ergonomic approach, LPS will transform your office, utilizing our expertise in design and construction. We will incorporate your vision with our knowledge and experience to bring you a totally modern office look with functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Does Your Office Need To Be Transformed?

Modern offices that thrive are designed to be comfortable, space efficient, user friendly, intuitive and pleasant. If your office environment is missing one or more of these critical elements, your workspace layout could be working against the achievement of your business goals and causing unnecessary workplace stress.

Please feel free to call us at 631.270.4488 or email us at to arrange a site visit to further discuss your project in Design and Construction. 

Our Cutting-Edge Office Design Process

Project Preparations

We take a detailed inventory of your office items so we know what you want to keep, and confirm your budget to clearly define expectations.

Layout Design Renderings

We incorporate your layout design preferences into 3D visual drafts that we render for an unlimited number of reviews prior to your final approval.

Layout Implementation

We install your custom office layout swiftly and accurately while guaranteeing a refined product that meets your exact specifications.

Furniture Delivery

We provide you with a modern selection of new office furniture that we deliver right to your door and accommodate into your new office layout.

Turnkey Office Solutions

Services Provided

  • New Furniture Sales
  • Architectural Drawings
  • 3D Renderings
  • Space Planning
  • Corporate Relocations

Project Management

  • Construction
  • Paint/Wallpaper
  • Flooring/Carpet
  • Electrical Services
  • IT/Data

Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To

New Office Furniture

  • Modern furniture
  • Ergonomic features
  • Complete inventory

Workspace Planning

  • Reconfiguration and reconstruction of office furniture and workstations
  • Restoration and refurbishing of office furniture and workstations
  • Customization and accommodation of office furniture and workstations
  • New office space construction
  • Workspace feng shui

Commercial Moving

  • Expedited moving services anywhere in the Tri-State area
  • Hassle-free pricing
  • No unwelcome surprises or delays
  • Storage and Record Retention

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