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Benefits Of Downsizing Your Office

As times change, and business trends shift, business owners are consistently balancing the decisions of how to increase productivity while minimizing costs in order to remain profitable.  We know that in Manhattan, Long Island, and New York City's surrounding areas the luxury of space comes at a high cost in rent. Our goal is to more efficiently utilize your space so that you can reallocate real estate funds to a more fruitful business venture.

Limited Office Space and a Tight Budget? Perfect Candidate For Downsizing Your Office.

Business owners generally seek expansion , but you should always consider all possibilities. Downsizing your office does not equate to less business, productivity, or morale. In fact, downsizing can positively impact your company.

A leaner, more agile workplace can be obtained within less square footage while improving collaboration between employees. Partnership between company departments increases your attraction to top talent while encouraging innovation. You may initially presume the customization of furniture to fit in those smaller, trickier spaces will cost you a great deal of capital, however that’s not necessarily the case at LPS Office Interiors. We have a plethora of options. LPS Office Interiors can reconfigure your existing furniture, assist in liquidation or decommissioning, or entirely revamp all furnishings. The primary cost of new office furniture will be outweighed by the long term benefits of productivity. The ultimate goal for LPS Office Interiors is to transform your downsized office space into a highly functional and efficient office without breaking the bank.

Still Not Convinced to Downsize Your Office?

From a financial standpoint, and possible collaboration, small businesses may contemplate joining forces with one another. Many common areas, such as breakrooms, conference rooms, reception, and waiting rooms can be shared, effectively minimizing individual business cost. The experts at LPS Office Interiors can easily assist you in developing a downsized office space that caters to each involved business.

Maximize Your Space Planning Efforts

When downsizing you should take the following questions into consideration:

  • How much space is currently being utilized?
  • Do clients often visit?
  • Can you go paperless, and reduce unnecessary storage and filing systems?
  • Is your current furniture easily converted to fit your downsized space, or is it too bulky?
  • Does your office layout promote in-house collaboration?

      LPS Office Interiors has a massive selection of small office furniture. We take every factor into consideration when recommending new furniture. LPS Office Interiors offers full project management where we will customize a package to fulfill all your requirements, with potential discounted project prices (depending on chosen components). Also consider LPS Office Interiors available $0 out of pocket cost with 0% financing options.

      Finding furniture in the correct size, color, and shape with the accessories you require may not be as difficult as you think. LPS Office Interiors has an abundance of options in modular and mobile furniture to fit your new small office space. Pieces of modular furniture are beneficial in that they’re easy to move in order to create a fresh look and better function within the same space.

      A smaller office space may mean allowing more employees to work remotely, essentially reducing the need for individual desks. Remote workers can utilize a rotating schedule with co-workers to share cubicles. Rather than having a seat for each individual, companies can cut their necessary seating in half simply by implementing a schedule. Less employees at one time means you need less space which results in reduced cost for rent.

      Some additional Downsizing considerations include:

      • Scan old documents and go paperless. Not only is this a green office solution, but it diminishes the need for filing cabinets and wasted drawer space.
      • Downsize devices like computers, towers, speakers, keyboards, and mice.
      • Downsize desks. Your employees won’t need as much desk space when they have less clutter, smaller technology options, and no paper stacks.
      • Virtualize your data center. You can create server racks that are easily tucked in otherwise small, awkward, and unused spaces.
      • Update telecommuting and mobile connectivity. Cable management is key to preventing physical incidents, and unruly eyesores.
      • Obtain an offsite storage unit. You can avoid disarray and unsightly closets by utilizing offsite space so your office space can be exactly that.

      LPS Office Interiors Downsizing Services Include:

      • Space Planning and Design
      • New Office Furniture Sales
      • Used/Clearance Furniture Sales
      • Customized Workspace
      • Corporate Relocation
      • Commercial Moving Services
      • IT/Data
      • Paint and Wallpaper
      • Flooring
      • Liquidating Of Existing Furniture
      • Storage
      • Construction Management
      • Project Management

      Downsizing or reconfiguring your office space should not be a burden. Allow LPS Office Interiors to delivery accuracy that will minimize downtime and provide hassle-free plan coordination and execution. From Long Island to Manhattan, and New York City's  surrounding areas, LPS Office Interiors has you covered. Free consultations are arranged by appointment, so please call us at 631.270.4488 or email us at

          Our Best-In-Class Space Planning Services

          Office Reconfiguration

          Rearrangement and Reconstruction of existing office furniture and workstations.

          We take apart your workspace arrangements and rebuild them in a preferred location suited to your exact needs.

          Office Renovations

          Restoration and Refurbishing of existing office furniture and workstations.

          We renew your old office furniture and workstations by repairing wear-and-tear and tightening up any loose ends.

          Office Modifications

          Customization and Accommodation of office furniture and workstations.

          We make structural adjustments to office furniture and workstations to better fit your customized specifications.

          Turnkey Office Solutions

          Services Provided

          • New Furniture Sales
          • Architectural Drawings
          • 3D Renderings
          • Space Planning
          • Corporate Relocations

          Project Management

          • Construction
          • Paint/Wallpaper
          • Flooring/Carpet
          • Electrical Services
          • IT/Data

          Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To

          New Office Furniture

          • Modern furniture
          • Ergonomic features
          • Complete inventory

          Workspace Planning

          • Reconfiguration and reconstruction of office furniture and workstations
          • Restoration and refurbishing of office furniture and workstations
          • Customization and accommodation of office furniture and workstations
          • New office space construction
          • Workspace feng shui

          Commercial Moving

          • Expedited moving services anywhere in the Tri-State area
          • Hassle-free pricing
          • No unwelcome surprises or delays
          • Storage and Record Retention

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