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Home Office Design Custom Built for You

Office dynamics are transitioning from going to work, to working from home. LPS Office Interiors has always adapted to changing trends, and now more than ever, it’s crucial to adopt social distancing standards and develop a suitable home office design. With the experts at LPS Office Interiors, you’ll refine your current home office space, or fashion a new home office. It’s imperative to envision a home office design that is properly equipped to comfortably handle your 40 hour work week.

Understanding Your Home Office Design

LPS Office Interiors carries a variety of modular offices and custom office suites, but what matters most is what works best for you. This home office needs to withstand more than a commercial office would. Between pets, children, or unruly housemates, your home office is vulnerable. LPS Office Interiors project managers take your individual lifestyle into consideration when recommending office furniture and a home office design. With the guidance of your LPS Office Interiors project manager, we’ll better understand which products are essential for your home office design.

Home Office State-Of-The-Art Design Center

LPS Office Interiors Long Island showroom hosts our state-of-the-art design studio. It’s here that you and your project manager can virtually craft a functional, stylish, and professional home office within your available space. A crucial element to preventing office mishaps is space planning. At LPS Office Interiors we understand that you may not have an extra room to convert into a home office, which is why we take measurements of your available space. Not only will this tell us how much or how little space you have to work with, but it allows us to efficiently and creatively space plan.

Finding The Right Location For Your Home Office

We’ve been drilled to remember that location is key, and location is everything. It’s true, especially in this context. When deciding which free space will house your new home office, you should consider the following:

- Is this a productive environment? Setting up shop at your dining room table can lead to more problems than it solves. Between having to shuffle through papers in avoidance of creating clutter, and having to consolidate your space when dinner is served, this pop-up office is neither efficient nor productive. Look for a quiet, secluded space where you can focus on your work.

- Is this a comfortable area? Your low-ceiling basement is not an ideal location for work. Give yourself enough room to work while standing, and to stretch throughout the work day. Cramped corners and cluttered areas increase tension and discomfort, reducing your productivity.

- Is this area going to cause me to strain? When working in an office with metallic or designed wallpaper, or with aggressive and bright paint can cause eye strain. Your computer monitor produces a blue light that can be harmful without balance. Try to situate your home office in an area bathed in sunlight, or under a window with a view.

Home Office Furniture

What you may be used to at the office, you may not expect to see in your home office. At LPS Office Interiors we trade bulky cubicles for sleek desks, and generic chairs for more supportive and ergonomic designs.

Home Office Desks

Unless your office is your home, you wouldn’t want a monochrome cubicle for a home office. Your home office desk should be efficient, comfortable, and efficient for you. With LPS Office Interiors design studio you can see each desk style, finish, additions, and any extras come to life in your home office. It may help to include a filing cabinet, to help with the newly accumulated paperwork. In line with ergonomics, you may want to include monitor arms to hold your computer displays at a comfortable angle, or a sit to stand desk addition to allow you to work standing without hunching over. Your project manager with LPS Office Interiors will guide you through all your available options to effectively create your most productive home office. After you’ve determined your home office desk, the next step is finding an ergonomic chair to match.

Home Office Chairs

Working from home doesn’t mean your couch becomes your latest office seating. LPS Office Interiors intuitively pairs you with an office chair that checks all your required boxes. Ideally, your home office chair should match the style and design of your office suite, or desk, and provide you the comfort and support needed for a 40 hour work week. Our LPS Office Interiors showroom houses numerous demonstration chairs for you to test and find what you like most. We have home office chairs with added lumbar support, and home office chairs that allow you to adjust the recline tension, height, and lumbar support. LPS Office Interiors also carries home office chairs with memory foam seating for additional comfort, as well as home office chairs made with a breathable mesh material to prevent staining or odor trapping in chair fabric. Your LPS Office Interiors project manager will be able to provide you with all your available home office chair options.

Create your Home Office with LPS Office Interiors

Still working from home in your kitchen? It’s time to call LPS Office Interiors and set up your free consultation. We look forward to customizing your home office! Call us at 631.270.4488 or email us at

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