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Adopt Social Distancing In Your Office

Companies around the world are constantly updating and refreshing themselves as situations require. At LPS Office Interiors, we value change and staying current with the times. Long Island, Manhattan and New York City's surrounding areas are resilient and apt for change.

LPS Office Interiors is suited for all your office space refreshing requirements with social distancing at the forefront. Our aptitude for space planning and redesigning is key when adopting to social distancing parameters.

Social Distancing Office Spaces

Whether your office is new, downsized, previously space planned, recently redesigned or simply needs a refresh, LPS Office Interiors has your best interest at heart. We are dedicated to creating a safe and healthy office environment so your company can continue to flourish without concern.

Social Distancing And LPS Office Interiors

Though this may be your company’s first-time social distancing in the workplace, LPS Office Interiors experts have experience with social distancing build-outs. We have several strategies that we can incorporate into your office design.

Reconfigure Your Existing Office Layout

First and foremost, let LPS Office Interiors utilize your existing office furniture. Allow LPS Office Interiors to space plan your existing layout into a newly designed office space with social distancing parameters in mind. This is a cost-effective solution that utilizes your existing office furniture. No additional parts needed!

Complete Office Redesign

Perhaps you were on the fence about redesigning your office. This is a perfect opportunity to liquidate and decommission your existing office furniture while redesigning within the new social distancing requirements. We can supply you with new office furniture accompanied by an office design that will ensure the health and safety of your employees. Take advantage of our $0 out of pocket 0% interest free financing opportunities to help facilitate your office redesign.

Combining Existing Office Furniture With New Office Furniture

It is possible that your company is looking for more than a office reconfiguration but is not ready to invest in a full new office design? Allow the experts at LPS Office Interiors to provide a combined solution utilizing your existing office furniture in combination with new office furniture. We will inventory your existing office furniture and provide you with a detailed office design utilizing a combination of used and new office furniture. This is an opportunity to capitalize on new social distancing parameters as well as modernize your office space.

Relocate Your Office

It might be time to relocate your business to a facility that can better accommodate a newly designed social distant environment. If this is the case, allow an LPS Office Interiors expert the opportunity to put together a detailed corporate relocation plan for you. We do not utilize any subcontractors, so you can rest easy knowing the LPS Office Interiors team has you best interest at heart. The plan will incorporate:

  1. Detailed inventory of material to be moved.

  2. Detailed floor plan of your new facility.

    1. Plan will be detailed utilizing your existing office furniture, new office furniture, or a combination of both.

  3. Detailed schedule outlining all coordinating factors of the move.

    1. Installers to disassemble and install office furniture.

    2. Movers relocate office furniture, contents and computers.

    3. IT personnel to decommission and reconfigure networks and phones.

Additional Tips On Social Distancing

  • Consider a rotating schedule for in-office employees to eliminate congestion in the workplace.

  • Allow your in-office employees the ability to choose their work space to instill comfort and safety.

  • Avoid using communal spaces all at once by staggering breaks among employees and utilizing virtual meetings.

  • Create and implement a healthy work environment by requiring employee health screenings and fever checks prior to entry to the office.

  • Recommend employees use the staircase, and no more than 2 in an elevator at one time.

  • Encourage employees to keep personal items to themselves by assigning lockers, drawers, or storage cabinets.

  • Work with your building management to increase air ventilation, circulation, and filtration.

  • Develop a “clean desk” policy that ensures every station, surface, cubicle, and table are sanitized daily.

Contact LPS Office Interiors For A Free Social Distancing Consultation

LPS Office Interiors is dedicated to social distancing within your current workplace. We encourage all of Long Island, Manhattan, and New York City's surrounding areas to see what LPS Office Interiors can do for you. It’s important to implement a social distance safe environment for everyone. For your free consultation with a LPS Office Interiors social distancing expert call us at 631.270.4488 or email us at 

Our Cutting-Edge Office Design Process

Project Preparations

We take a detailed inventory of your office items so we know what you want to keep, and confirm your budget to clearly define expectations.

Layout Design Renderings

We incorporate your layout design preferences into 3D visual drafts that we render for an unlimited number of reviews prior to your final approval.

Layout Implementation

We install your custom office layout swiftly and accurately while guaranteeing a refined product that meets your exact specifications.

Furniture Delivery

We provide you with a modern selection of new office furniture that we deliver right to your door and accommodate into your new office layout.

Turnkey Office Solutions

Services Provided

  • New Furniture Sales
  • Architectural Drawings
  • 3D Renderings
  • Space Planning
  • Corporate Relocations

Project Management

  • Construction
  • Paint/Wallpaper
  • Flooring/Carpet
  • Electrical Services
  • IT/Data

Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To

New Office Furniture

  • Modern furniture
  • Ergonomic features
  • Complete inventory

Workspace Planning

  • Reconfiguration and reconstruction of office furniture and workstations
  • Restoration and refurbishing of office furniture and workstations
  • Customization and accommodation of office furniture and workstations
  • New office space construction
  • Workspace feng shui

Commercial Moving

  • Expedited moving services anywhere in the Tri-State area
  • Hassle-free pricing
  • No unwelcome surprises or delays
  • Storage and Record Retention

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