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LPS Office Interiors Conquers Office Design

In our experience, office design is much more than fitting desks into an office. At LPS Office Interiors we take pride in our work and continuously strive for greatness, so you can rest assured you'll get the best quality and care. Our Long Island show room is equipped with a full design studio, so you can customize your dream office.

What's Incorporated In Office Design

Office design is an umbrella term that encompasses every aspect of designing an office. LPS Office Interiors has extensive knowledge and background regarding each component of office design. Space planning and interior design are just two facets of office design, but they are incredibly essential.

Space Planning In Office Design

Space planning determines the flow and general atmosphere of the office. Imagine walking into your office, except now all cubicles are crammed into a single corner. That particular space planning invokes discomfort and anxiety, and hinders collaboration. Whereas an evenly spaced and balanced placement of cubicles throughout the office will exude tranquility and stability.

Interior Design Within Office Design

Interior design on its own is influential, but interior design within an office design is crucial. LPS Office Interiors beautifully combines space planning and interior design to display your office culture. We use interior design to amplify positive space planning properties. Imagine that same office with evenly spaced cubicles, but now give each cubicle a pop of color, like a blue office chair. Blue has a calming effect, which can be vital in a fast-paced office environment. Whereas if everything was monochrome the office would have a dreary undertone.

The Art Of Office Design

LPS Office Interiors exceptionally exemplifies the art of office design. We utilize every resource available to bring your office dreams to life. LPS Office Interiors proudly delivers extraordinary service and impeccable quality with unmatched professionalism.

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Our Cutting-Edge Office Design Process

Project Preparations

We take a detailed inventory of your office items so we know what you want to keep, and confirm your budget to clearly define expectations.

Layout Design Renderings

We incorporate your layout design preferences into 3D visual drafts that we render for an unlimited number of reviews prior to your final approval.

Layout Implementation

We install your custom office layout swiftly and accurately while guaranteeing a refined product that meets your exact specifications.

Furniture Delivery

We provide you with a modern selection of new office furniture that we deliver right to your door and accommodate into your new office layout.

Turnkey Office Solutions

Services Provided

  • New Furniture Sales
  • Architectural Drawings
  • 3D Renderings
  • Space Planning
  • Corporate Relocations

Project Management

  • Construction
  • Paint/Wallpaper
  • Flooring/Carpet
  • Electrical Services
  • IT/Data

Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To

New Office Furniture

  • Modern furniture
  • Ergonomic features
  • Complete inventory

Workspace Planning

  • Reconfiguration and reconstruction of office furniture and workstations
  • Restoration and refurbishing of office furniture and workstations
  • Customization and accommodation of office furniture and workstations
  • New office space construction
  • Workspace feng shui

Commercial Moving

  • Expedited moving services anywhere in the Tri-State area
  • Hassle-free pricing
  • No unwelcome surprises or delays
  • Storage and Record Retention

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