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Feng Shui And LPS Office Interiors

LPS Office Interiors masters the art of Feng Shui within any office space. Our CEO, Louis P. Pou, infuses Feng Shui into every project he handles, and has even written “7 Feng Shui Secrets To Invigorate Your Workspace”

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the balance between spacial usage and orientation, and the flow of energy. Essentially, Feng Shui determines the tone of the space. LPS Office Interiors has repeatedly proven the ability and power of introducing positive Feng Shui into an office space. The goal is to utilize each pillar of Feng Shui to improve team mood, productivity, innovation, and overall office culture.

Imperative Pillars Of Office Feng Shui

At LPS Office Interiors, we realize the depth of planning that goes into creating positive Feng Shui in the office. Feng Shui should be enveloped in every step when space planning and designing your office space. LPS Office Interiors' CEO shares his seven pillars of Feng Shui:

Face Your Office Entrance

This commanding space plan allows your office to be inviting and ready for new business. Ideally, your desk faces the door so your back isn't turned on current or future clients that walk in. LPS Office Interiors visualizes power potential in every office space, and with our space planning expertise you can feel strength and confidence day after day.

Keep A Solid Backdrop In Your Office

Just as you wouldn't sit with your back to the door, you wouldn't sit surrounded by clutter. There is a sense of comfort and safety when you know nothing is hiding behind your back. You can enhance that feeling of comfort by choosing natural colors and images for your backdrop. LPS Office Interiors can also help you find a high-back office chair for even more support. The Feng Shui of your office space is tailored to you and LPS Office Interiors can craft your ideal office.

Feng Shui In Office Aisle Space

Energy moves through your office space like a heartbeat. In order for efficient flow, of energy and people, your aisle space needs to be open, clutter free, and conducive to your workspace. LPS Office Interiors has re-designed office layouts to increase Feng Shui. Bulky and disorganized office furniture can cause congestion, frustration, and negative Feng Shui. Luckily, LPS Office Interiors will work one on one with you to provide not just recommendations, but services and office furniture that will accentuate your positive Feng Shui.

Prevent Oppositional Office Energy

Face-to-face and back-to-back office layouts create a negative and oppositional energy. When employees sit in a direct line of sight to one another, they tend to focus on their counterpart’s task. The Feng Shui is lost in those cookie-cutter environments. LPS Office Interiors masterfully designs office spaces that either eliminate those distractions, or soothes them. Our space planning project managers utilize complementary positioning when laying out workstations. Where opposition is unavoidable, our Feng Shui team artfully includes tranquil plant barriers or peaceful partitions.

Balance Personal and Shared Workspaces

The drive of a company is determined by its employees. It's important to provide your team with collaboration spaces where ideas can be cultivated through teamwork. These ideas will need fine-tuning which generally occurs in personal workspaces. Feng Shui is entangled in the delicate balance between shared and personal workspaces. Inspiration is encouraged in team settings and then harnessed by each individual. A clear separation between “me” and “we” workspaces creates a healthy contrast throughout your office. LPS Office Interiors seamlessly accomplishes this balance time and time again.

Harmonious Office Furniture Properties

Feng Shui is comprised of five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each element exudes a unique property: expansion, stability, power, clarity, and growth. These elements thrive off each other. Say you're looking to create an air of power, simply add metal. Or you want your employees to feel a sense of relaxation in the break room, introduce water either through hanging photos or installing a small fountain. LPS Office Interiors can beautifully pair complementing elements to invoke the desired office atmosphere.

Feng Shui Approved Office Color Schemes

Our previously mentioned elements have corresponding colors. LPS Office Interiors can flawlessly tie your office space together using a Feng Shui approved color scheme. Between LPS Office Interiors’ project managers and interior design experts, your office will come to life. We expertly pair our office color schemes with your office space to ensure every room has a tangible essence.

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Layout Implementation

We install your custom office layout swiftly and accurately while guaranteeing a refined product that meets your exact specifications.

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We provide you with a modern selection of new office furniture that we deliver right to your door and accommodate into your new office layout.

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