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Is your office layout counterproductive, and how would you know? Do you need inspiration in your office space? Do you wish your employees were happier in the office? Can altering your office space plan truly improve your business?

If you find yourself asking these questions, it’s time to sit with an LPS Office Interiors space planning designer free of charge. At LPS Office Interiors we have the resources to create your optimal office. There are multiple factors that need to be considered when improving the efficiency of your office space.  Our professional team of space planning experts have transformed numerous office layouts, as seen in our portfolio, to exclusively suit your business needs, office space, and employees.

Would You Know If, And How, Your Current Office Plan Is Counterproductive?

We have seen some of Long Island, Manhattan, and New York City's surrounding areas most beautiful offices, but lacked the efficiency necessary for company growth. The key to a productive office space is knowing the day to day mechanics of your entire office. Each LPS Office Interiors designer dedicates the time to work with you on identifying if your current office layout is productive, and if it’s not our team will show you how to improve productivity by simply altering your office space.

Given your current office interior layout, your employees likely spend most of their day walking back and forth from the printer at the far end of the office. Although this may not be considered a hindrance to the employee taking the walk to retrieve paper from the printer, as a business owner you wouldn’t want employees expending time and energy throughout every day, just to grab paper. A more productive space plan may include a centralized printer, to prevent unnecessary time consumption.

Understanding your office’s daily operations within your current space is the first step to improving productivity. The LPS Office Interiors team will be by your side to transform your vision into reality.

How Do You Cultivate Inspiration Within Your Office Space?

When you think of your personal creative space, you envision an area that soothes, inspires, and drives you. We use that same ingenuity when planning your new office layout. Each company is different, meaning no two layouts will be identical.

Studies show there are multiple routes a company can take to motivate employees. The spark that ignites inspiration within your office space is to empower employees to customize their individual space. LPS Office Interiors can expertly guide you  through the process, and advise you what is suitable for your office space.

By allowing employees to have a hand in the creation of their space, it develops a comfortability within your office. By allowing the employees to infuse their muse into their work space you are not only helping to boost their mood, but you’re improving office morale. Who doesn’t want to work in a positive environment?!

Can These Helpful Hints Really Make My Employees Happy?

Where is your happy place? Is it snuggled in a big blanket, tucked comfortably on a couch? Or is it in your personal library, surrounded with wall-to-wall books? Maybe it’s on a boat just off the coast, sun beating down and waves lapping against your bow! The feeling you get when you think of your ideal space is what companies should look to bring into the office space.

In offices across Long Island, and even in Manhattan, space planning is often minimal. How can we fit the most employees in less space should not be the main goal when creating an office layout. At LPS Office Interiors we understand that your office planning is multidimensional, and should be assessed and handled after considering all factors. Employee disposition can be incredibly impactful on a company, whether positively or negatively. By keeping your employees buoyant, every day will cascade into the next and keep your business active and fluid.

Still Questioning If A Change In Office Space Planning Will Produce All Around Positive Results?

It’s time to reach out to LPS Office Interiors, so we can show you. To arrange a site visit to further discuss your project call 631.270.4488 or email us at 

Our Best-In-Class Space Planning Services

Office Reconfiguration

Rearrangement and Reconstruction of existing office furniture and workstations.

We take apart your workspace arrangements and rebuild them in a preferred location suited to your exact needs.

Office Renovations

Restoration and Refurbishing of existing office furniture and workstations.

We renew your old office furniture and workstations by repairing wear-and-tear and tightening up any loose ends.

Office Modifications

Customization and Accommodation of office furniture and workstations.

We make structural adjustments to office furniture and workstations to better fit your customized specifications.

Turnkey Office Solutions

Services Provided

  • New Furniture Sales
  • Architectural Drawings
  • 3D Renderings
  • Space Planning
  • Corporate Relocations

Project Management

  • Construction
  • Paint/Wallpaper
  • Flooring/Carpet
  • Electrical Services
  • IT/Data

Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To

New Office Furniture

  • Modern furniture
  • Ergonomic features
  • Complete inventory

Workspace Planning

  • Reconfiguration and reconstruction of office furniture and workstations
  • Restoration and refurbishing of office furniture and workstations
  • Customization and accommodation of office furniture and workstations
  • New office space construction
  • Workspace feng shui

Commercial Moving

  • Expedited moving services anywhere in the Tri-State area
  • Hassle-free pricing
  • No unwelcome surprises or delays
  • Storage and Record Retention

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